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Aluminium framed glass for the automotive industry

We design and manufacture different kinds of aluminium framed glass for the automotive industry. Our products are used in buses, trams, utility machines, and other vehicles throughout Europe. Our products have a high quality, they are safe to use, and they are suitable for use also in harsh conditions. If needed, we use heat insulated or heated glass in our windows. We produce glass elements in the shape the customer chooses, if needed, also in a bent shape. The bent glass elements can be made with an even or varied radius.


Framecomp has several years of experience of designing and manufacturing different windows. We utilize this experience to the benefit of our customers. We strive to flexibly serve our customers with a wide, high-quality product line and fast delivery times. Our windows are ready to be installed in our customer’s vehicle. Contact us when you need high-quality windows for your vehicle.

Windows according to the customer’s needs

We manufacture fixed windows, openable windows, roof windows and emergency exits according to customer needs. We have several different aluminium profiles and glass of different shape in our product line that we combine to produce the windows the customer needs. We cooperate closely with the customer to ensure ourselves that the product suit the purpose. We gladly help our customers with window and frame design, choosing suitable glass quality, and choosing suitable opening ways. Our manufacture process is very flexible, which enables both larger and smaller production series.


We are specialized in producing openable windows for different vehicles. Openable windows can have either a gliding mechanism or hinges. The openable window can be attached to the same window element as a fixed window. When we design and manufacture windows, we consider the circumstances that can be very dusty, noisy, or vibrating. Our openable windows are waterproof, durable, and reliable. With careful planning and well-chosen materials, we can guarantee good and safe working conditions even for demanding targets. For instance, the windows in utility machines are usually placed in the driver’s cabin, which makes it important to guarantee good visibility for the driver. Moreover, the windows must last possible stone chips and other external impact without breaking. In cold conditions, internal heating must also be taken into consideration.

Sliding glass for utility machines 

With sliding windows, part of the glass opens by sliding to the side or upwards depending on the customer’s need. Sliding windows are a durable and easy-to-use solution for many different places. Sliding windows are easy to combine with fixed windows. Sliding windows are available in different sizes and shapes. 

Ventilation windows

Ventilation windows are opened with hinges and they are easy to use. In vehicles, the hinges are normally located on the long side of the window. The glass can be framed with different aluminium profiles. The surface treatment of the profile has an impact on the look of the glass. 

Bus windows

We design and manufacture glass elements that consist of several glass layers. We can combine fixed and openable glass in the elements. The glass elements are suitable, for instance, as side windows on buses. 

Contact our experts and we will design a window solution for your needs. 

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