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Aluminium framed glazing units for the automotive industry with over 40 years of experience

Openable side windows
Emergency exits
Elevator glass
Aluminium profile bending

Aluminium framed glacing units for the automotive industry

Framecomp Ltd. manufactures high-quality aluminium framed glacing units for the automotive industry. Our products are used in all kind of vehicles, such as buses, trains, trolleys and utility machines. We always design and manufacture the aluminium framed windows according to customer needs. We have specialized in opening windows. Our range includes sliding windows, turnover windows with hinges and emergency exits. We have more than 100 different aluminium profiles and whenever needed we design new profiles for specific purposes. We use different glass standards depending on the intended use. Our customers can choose between hardened glass, sealed glazing, laminated glass and heated glass. We help our customers in the planning of windows and frames to make sure they are fit for their intended use.  

Certified quality

As our products are used in demanding conditions and in different types of vehicles and machinery, they must meet the toughest quality standards. Our professional and experienced staff combined with carefully chosen components and material guarantee durable products. Our products and operations are certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. We continuously improve our operations and quality to fulfill all customer demands. Our quality is proved by our long customer relations. We have worked with several of our key customers for more than 20 years.  

Customer partnerships

Framecomp has manufactured aluminium framed windows for more than 40 years. Our customers are well-known European manufacturers of vehicles and utility machines. We cooperate closely with our customers in the planning phase. We offer our customers a flexible service, a broad range of solutions and swift delivery times. The window solutions manufactured by us are delivered ready for installation.  

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Framecomp’s core competences are designing aluminium profiles, connecting aluminium profiles and glass to durable and watertight windows, and manufacturing opening windows for different vehicles. Framecomp is an excellent partner when you need tailor-made windows for your vehicles. Please contact our experts, we will design window solutions for your needs.  


Contact our experts and we will design window solutions for your needs.  

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