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Guaranteed quality

Framecomp’s products meet the safety and quality requirements for vehicle and utility machine windows. Framecomp has an ISO 9001 standard according, certified quality system and an ISO 14001 standard according environment system. Our operation certification is taken care of by Det Norske Veritas. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our operations and products, so that we can meet the requirements of our customers. Our long-lasting customer relations are a sign of high product quality. We have cooperated with several of our customers for more than 20 years.


The core competence of Framecomp is aluminium profile design, combining aluminium profiles with glass to a durable and compact window as well as manufacturing openable windows for vehicles. The quality of our products is guaranteed by a professional personnel who manufactures demanding products of glass and aluminium. Our production process is flexible, which enables both larger and smaller series. We deliver the ready-to-install windows to the customer according to an agreed timetable.

High-quality materials

We only use high-quality materials in our products. We supply the glass elements, aluminium profiles, sealants, and glues used from the industry’s top producers. We help our customers choose suitable materials for their purpose.

A wide selection of aluminium profiles

We have a wide selection of aluminium profiles used for our products. In our product catalogue, there are more than a hundred different profiles. We moreover design completely new profiles according to the customer’s wishes. The aluminium profiles are made of an EN-AW 6063 aluminium mix that has good strength features and is suitable for anodizing. We offer different surface treatment options for our products. The customer can choose between grey and black anodizing or powder coating. 

Glass according to intended use

We use the most suitable glass quality for the purpose in our products. We use hardened glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, and heated glass. 


Hardened glass is 3-5 times stronger than normal glass. When hardened glass breaks, it crumbles into small pieces without any sharp edges. Hardened glass lasts hits and heat variations better than normal glass.

Laminated glass can take even bigger hits. The plastic film between the glass layers stops the glass from shattering into splinter in case of a hit and the glass remains in one piece.

Insulated glass or thermal glass has 2-3 glass layers tightly attached into one glass element. The layer of air created between the glass layers functions as insulation.

In heated glass, thin resistance wires or a transparent metal film have been installed between the glass layers, which makes led electricity heat the glass and stops it from fogging.

To attach the aluminium profile to the glass, we mainly use EPDM rubber or silicone as sealant. In our selection, we also have sealants that meet the fire resistance requirements according to the EN 45545-2 standard.

Contact our experts and we will design a window solution for your needs. 

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